Best Medical School in Guyana - TAU is ranked as the best private medical school in Guyana by Uni Ranking.


Texila American University – College of Medicine (TAU COM) Guyana was established on September 27, 2010, and was registered with the National Accreditation Council of Guyana (NACG) on November 18, 2010. The University has maintained registration with National Accreditation Council since its inception and the current registration is valid till 2023. TAU started the first batch of students at the Critchlow Campus, Woolford Avenue, Georgetown, Guyana on the 1st of May 2011.

As the student population increased, TAU COM extended its learning facilities and infrastructure with an extended annex campus located in Goedverwagting, East Coast in 2014.  In 2017, Texila established its current new campus at 2442 Plantation Providence, East Bank Demerara with a large academic space of learning facilities with modern classrooms, labs, and a library equipped with modern facilities. The 12000 sqft campus is state of the art and has a capacity to accommodate more than 1000 students. Texila American University received the Green Initiative Award in 2020 by the Guyana Chamber of Commerce and Industries for the efficient green building (infrastructure) in Guyana.

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) program offered by TAU COM was among the first of the programs which were established. The four-Year Doctor of Medicine program consists of a two-year basic sciences program and a two-year clinical sciences program. The clinical rotations were initially offered at Georgetown Public Hospital in Guyana and in 2017 this was extended to the Philippines and is currently being offered at Region 1 Medical Center in Dagupan. In 2019 Texila signed an agreement with Tucson Medical Center in Arizona to offer clinical rotations in the USA. TAU also introduced NBME examinations for the 2020 semester and all the MD students are now required to take NBME, Subject, shelf, and comprehensive examinations as part of their course completion requirements. In 2021 TAU partnered with Kaplan University and introduced Kaplan review programs as part of the Transition Semester.

The first batch of MD students graduated in the year 2014 and since then the University has graduated hundreds of students. TAU has seen student representation from more than 40 countries as of 2021, representing different ethnicities from all over the world. Graduates of Texila American University are practicing in different parts of the world including, Guyana, the USA, Jamaica, India, Pakistan, Nigeria among other countries.

Besides the MD program, in 2019, TAU started offering courses in Public Health and Business Administration. Currently, TAU offers Bachelor’s and Master’s in Public Health, Bachelors and Masters in Business Administration programs.

TAU also launched its international conference series in 2018 with conferences organized in the Guyana campus with participation from international speakers. The most recent conference was organized on the 22nd and 23rd of April 2021. The topic for the conference was Mental Health and Road Traffic Accidents. The conference was widely accepted by the medical fraternity in Guyana and saw strong participation from students and healthcare professionals alike.

Texila American University has also been an active member of the community of Guyana and has organized a number of community activities. Some of the notable activities include medical outreach programs, support to Old-age homes, medical camps, relief activities, supplies to hospitals, free CXC classes (an initiative launched during the pandemic), free training for medical doctors, etc.

University Milestones


Registered with National Accreditation Council Guyana
Clinical Affiliation with GPHC Established


Started the first batch of MD students


Launched the School of Nursing
Launched Texila E Journal


Established Annexe Campus in Goedverwagting


Ground-breaking of the New Campus in Providence


US Clinical Affiliation Established


New campus construction completed


Texila International Conference Series Launched


New Clinical Campus in Tucson, Arizona, USA
Launch of College of Public Health and College of Business Management


Affiliation with Monroe College, USA
Introduction of NBME examinations
Launched Post Graduate Medicine Programs